Version 1.3a

After fixing a game-breaking bug earlier for a playtester, I was under the impression everything was good to go. However, I decided to play myself, just to be sure.
Sure enough, using version 1.3, I install the game and begin only to notice that the default settings (auto-run, etc.) the game was designed around were off. That is problem one. Problem two comes when I get to the first save point and all I receive are noises indicating I am unable to perform such an action. Great.

Now, several hours later, we are back to functional. Not entirely sure what happened between 1.2 (temp) and now (1.3a) but, we're here. The means of distribution has changed and isn't as nice as I'd like it, but it will have to do for now as I refuse to risk anything at this point.

To the best of my knowledge at the time of posting and uploading users can once again run and save/load their game. If anyone makes a note otherwise during their attempts at Heroes of Valcarta, please do not hesitate to let me know!



Heroes of Valcarta v1.3a 157 MB
Nov 03, 2017

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