Version 1.3b - IGMC2017 Final

Well, this is it.

After reviewing 1.3a I found a potential issue with the Transformation effects that 2 characters have, giving the player a 10% chance of encountering a gameplaying hindering bug, which is unacceptable. I hope this new build finds everyone able to play safely without a risk of a 'run-ender'.

Note: Due to the pressing time on the contest, I have decided to manually remove unused files (extra BGMs, sprites, etc.) instead of using the built-in RPG Maker 'Remove Unused Files' due to code-calling some animations. This results in a higher download size, but I would rather have that than a crash. Sorry for any inconvenience the larger file size causes.

Having played on this build with the characters most likely to cause a problem, I ran into none. So, based on the remaining time left it is safe enough to call this a 'final' build for the contest.

Good luck to all entries!


Heroes of Valcarta v1.3b - IGMC2017 Final 288 MB
Nov 05, 2017

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