Post IGMC2017

Well IGMC2017 didn't work out due to the missing files in v1.3, Heroes of Valcarta will continue on!

In the post IGMC2017 version the following fixes have been made:
- Fancy Font has been removed.
- Previously missing files have been found! (Meaning you can now partake in the optional intro without errors)
- A small bug has been addressed
- Applied more "breaks" to the intro and allowed the user to "fast forward" the scrolling text.

I didn't get much other feedback during IGMC2017 that would have caused any major changes to occur. Therefore, I have gone about making the game more user friendly in the hopes of gaining enough traction for additional feedback to improve the game in the feature!


Heroes of Valcarta - v1.4 - Post-IGMC2017 298 MB
Dec 18, 2017

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