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Kybin,  a young man who thinks he's got it all figured out, is quickly snapped out of the false reality he was living in. With a mysterious new friend guiding him along the path of his destiny, Kybin must now unite the island of Jin'rythm to combat the treacherous Dragon Lords who have been using the peoples of the islands as fuel for their resurrection right under their very noses.

Kybin can be any of the 9 different classes within Revelation: Destiny:

  • Divine Soldier - Great Sword wielding masters of Light
  • Warlock - Scythe wielding masters of Darkness
  • Brawler - Claw wielding masters of Fire
  • Wave Dancer - Dagger wielding masters of Water
  • Sky Knight - Polearm wielding masters of Wind
  • Servitor of Frost - Great Axe wielding masters of Ice
  • Tectonic Sage - Totem wielding masters of Earth
  • Conjurer - Staff wielding masters of Lightning
  • Shaman - Power Bracer wielding masters of Mystical energies.

Additionally, Kybin can choose which Role he will undertake:

  • Attacker - Focuses on dealing damage to enemy units
  • Healer - Focuses on assisting allied units.
  • Defender - Focuses on preventing enemy units from attacking allies.

Overall, this presents Kybin with 27 choices to play as.
Allies that can be found throughout the world will also be of varying classes and roles, so be sure to recruit as many as you can to help you out in all sorts of varying situations!

Revelation: Destiny uses RPG Maker MV and LeCode's Tactical Battle System.

Throughout Revelation: Destiny there are many allies in which you will be able to recruit! Each of these characters has their own reactions to each of the dialogue choices and may either choose to stay with Kybin through the harder choices within the game or leave as he made questionable decisions... but that's up to you!

For IGMC2018, Revelation: Destiny is simply a prototype containing a short bit of inciting story and 18 recruit able allies.

Install instructions

  1. Download
  2. Extract
  3. game


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What a rough dev cycle this was...
Hopefully this years entry is bug free enough.

Good luck everyone!